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Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuums Systems

Electrolux Central Vacuums

Cleaning the house may not be your idea of a fun activity. But while vacuuming may never be fun, there is a way to make the job a little easier.

Most of us vacuum with the standard moveable unit, but have you ever thought of installing a central vacuum system in your home? Central vacuum systems are becoming more common. The best thing about central vacuum systems is that they don't require you to carry a heavy unit from room to room or up and down the stairs. Central vacuum systems are designed to remove all the dirt and debris from your house and send it through tubing located in the walls to a receptacle in an out-of-the-way location like a garage ,closet or basement. With central vacuums, you only carry a lightweight hose and power brush unit around the house. The power unit is permanent and out of the way.

Maple Leaf Electrovacs and Access Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been appointed as the Sole Distributors for India by Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, the world's number 1 vacuum cleaner company. We are based in Noida (NCR), New Delhi, India.

Electrolux Oxygen central vacuums systems were designed with consumer insight in mind. Consumers express a growing demand for products with attention-attracting style, advanced technology and health benefits.Oxygen answers this insight with a built-in solution.

The Electrolux Oxygen system is packed with features that provide a whole new level of cleaning. This vacuum system is not just for your floors, but the entire room with convenient tools readily available and stored on the handle. Innovative and unique, the combination of integrated tools, active control switch at the handle and active pick-up tool on the floor will turn your home into a healthy haven. These refinements will give you the ultimate clean. No pedals. No brushes. Just a more efficient clean with less resistance, in fewer sweeps.

The secret lies in the system of optimal, aerodynamically designed air channels. Most vacuum cleaners pick up visible and harmless dirt, but leave the air even more polluted with tiny invisible particles. The Oxygen central vacuum system’s air channels allow more dirt, dust and particles to be removed, leaving nothing behind but clean air.


1. 99.97% Clean Air

2. Intelligent Design

3. Optimal Cleaning Anywhere, Anytime.

4. Innovative and Effective Design

5. Eliminates the need to carry a heavy unit from room to room like in conventional vacuum systems


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