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 Wireless Wall Switch 433MHz model 128LM
Wireless Wall Switch 433MHz - To be used with all LiftMaster Garage Door
Operators with Rolling Code
- Elegant design
- No time consuming cable wiring anymore
- Easy to install
- 2-channel: The small button may operate a
second garage door or a LiftMaster powered
gate operator.
 Illuminated Doorbell Push-button model 75LM
Illuminated Doorbell Push-button - Non-Polarized installation
- High-impact, weather-resistant plastic construction
- Will work with either AC or DC openers
- Includes: push button and mounting screws
 Multi-Function Control Panel model 78LM
Multi-Function Control Panel - Large "START" button with continuous LED illumination
- Large buttons for lock and light
- The lock/security switch, when activated, prevents the operator from receiving remote control signals
- Light switch turns garage door opener light
on and off
- Wire routing though all 4 sides of panel
- For use with LiftMaster Garage Door Openers with 3 terminal connections manufactured after 01.01.95
Motion Detecting Control Panel model 98LM
Motion Detecting Control Panel - Passive infrared sensor (PIR) will automatically
turn on the garage door opener light(s) when a person enters the sensing area
- Can be used in place of a standard illuminated push button or multi-function control panel
- Same functional features as models 58LM/78LM multi-function control panels
- 150° PIR sensing angle
- On/off switch
- Light sensitivity adjustable
- Illuminated push buttons
- White PVC housing
- For use with LiftMaster Garage Door Openers with 3 terminal connections manufactured after 01.01.95
2-Function Keyswitch model 100034
2-Function Keyswitch - 2-Function
- Surface Mount
- Profile half cylinder
- 75x75x60, ø60 x 51 deep
- IP54
- 3 keys
2-Function Keyswitch model 100041
2-Function Keyswitch - 2-Function
- Flush Mount
- Profile half cylinder
- 75x75x50mm
- IP54, 3 keys
Emergency Stop model 600084
Emergency Stop - IP65
- VDE 0660
- Plastic enclosure
- 71.6x71.6x47.5 mm
Main Switch model 600091
Main Switch - IP65
- VDE 0660
- Plastic enclosure
- 71.6x71.6x47.5 mm
Single Pull Switch model G-EZ1
Single Pull Switch - NO contact
- Easy installation
Door-in-Door Switch model 16200LM
Door-in-Door Switch - For use with pedestrian doors within a garage door
- Prevents the operator from activating when the switch/pedestrian door is open
- Open/close switch, easy to connect to garage door opener
- Includes: switch, wires and hardware


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